I hope to learn something every day, and strive improve
Colin Fyfield
I have been running my own building business since 2001.

I have been around building sites all my life. My father built our home in the late 70's we lived on site and just about every moment that wasn't spent at school I was watching chatting to the trades. I was there with my small spade helping dig the foundations. I mixed concrete with everyone else. I helped unload the lorry load of bricks. Spent time with the bricklayer in the trenches building the foundations, and eventually on the scaffolding while he built the chimney. Watched while the electricians did the wiring. Helped mix plaster for my dad. Helped paint the walls.

Then I spent lots of my holidays helping my dad on various extensions and building projects learning more of the trades as I went. Eventually after leaving school I worked for my fathers business for a few years, and after a little break I went on to start and run my own business, first with the help of my dad and his 50 years experience but soon on my own. I hope to learn something every day, and strive improve.