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We please to offer the following sevices

  • Design & Planning
    We are able to come and discuss your requirements and come up with solutions in consultation with you. The first design visit and consultation is free.

    We are also able to draw up and submit plans for your project to the local authority. On smaller projects we can build this into the cost. For larger projects we work with architects to produce plans at an additional cost
  • Health & Safety
    Under the “Construction (Design & Management) regulations (CDM 2015)” the principle contractor is responsible for trades and other subcontractors working on the project. We can supply all the writer risk assessments and methods statements before the project starts so the client can feel confident that every available precaution has been provided for. During the project we will ensure everyone working on the project has the correct training and can work safely and diligently to bring the project to a safe and timely completion. I take health and safety very seriously and I expect everyone working for me to be constantly on the lookout for hazards on an ongoing basis.
  • Sewer Build Over Agreements
    You may not realise it but if you’re building within 3 meters of a public sewer you need to get a “Build over agreement” form the water company in your area. the definition of a public sewer has now been revised to include sewers that are shared by you and a neighbour. We can deal with the plans required by the water company so you don’t have any holdups when working on your project.
  • Building Control
    When you build a room as part of your house or build a new house you need to get it inspected to ensure it reaches the required standard for building regulations. We can deal with this step of the process and act as you agent to apply for a ‘“building notice” or “full plans” so your project comply with the relevant standards. The building control officer will visit at important times to inspect the ongoing work to ensure it complies and will issue a certificate at the end of the process.
  • Quotation
    It may sound silly, but you wouldn’t believe the amount of projects that go ahead without a proper written quotation, we tend to find this out after there has been a fall out between the builder and client.

    We will provide a full written quotation detailing exactly what we are doing for the price so you can be sure everything you have asked for is included in the total cost. If we are unable to provide a quotation we will do our best to estimate what costs are. We will inform you if there is a deviation from quotation or estimate before undertaking any additional work
  • New Build
    We can take you’re project off the plan and produce the building of your dreams, working with tradition construction techniques, or timber framed, or even SIPS construction. We will be happy to discus your exact requirements.
  • Extensions
    We can build extensions of all sizes and types, to include roof lights, bifold doors, vaulted ceilings. Please call to discuss your requirements.
  • Garage conversions
    We can make that dank and dark garage that you never use for your car anyway into extra living space. It can add up to10 percent to your property value and wont take up any of your precious garden space. it will cause minimum disruption to you’re house too. Its also probably the best value extension you can do to your home.
  • Loft extension
    Lofts are not just for storing things! If you’re running out of room then maybe a loft conversion is the thing for you. Often you wont even need planning permission to do this.

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